Islamism is a Chinese problem


Always made the bogeyman of Umno’s clumsy political machinations, it is the Chinese, not Umno, who must pay for the consequences, the backlash from the threats issued by the assorted Malay Ketuanan stooges, from Helen Ang and Ridhuan Tee to Salleh Majid and Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir Mohamad.


Why the Chinese should intervene in a Muslim-Malay affair

Above, Facebook page image of IS members, some from Malaysia. Below, Chinese troops train against Islamist terror. The Chinese first fought Arabs from the Abbasid Caliphate along the Talas River in what is now the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border. Tang Chinese lost in the Battle of Talas, AD 751, yet the Abbasids, in spite of their victory, never advance beyond Talas, thus establishing a de facto political and physical boundary in which no side will cross and an understanding to leave each other alone. That is, until Chinese Uyghurs began to take matters into their own hands….

At about the time a Mara student is prosecuted for joining the Islamic State of Iraq/Syria (how had the world, 10,000 km away, offended that student or his family to want to kill infidels and kafirs?), a Malay group, Perkasa members among them, mobbed a Datum Jelatek apartment construction site in Taman Keramat, Selangor, threatening blood and tearing down cladding. They can’t be sure if the Chinese will actually populate the area but, regardless, the group’s spokesman Salleh Majid wishes to kill Chinese should the project – by a Malay company – proceed. The political dimension in Salleh’s racism became evident when he said: “This is a DAP agenda.”

Almost simultaneously, as the rampage took place, Ikatan Muslimin or Isma issued a video threatening against a Hindu temple construction (actually a re-construction) in Klang, just as Perkasa has warned against another, new Hindu temple in Putrajaya. In all three instances, there is a moral dimension: the Chinese and Indians are considered as defiling Malay purity.

As these events unfold, the Selangor Pakatan government meanwhile was trumpeting the conclusion of Syaria-compliant city named Raudhah, which would be mapped and hammered out from a part of Cyberjaya. Raudhah City would be pure in its Islamic credentials. Was that to mean infidels such as the Chinese and the Indians shouldn’t buy property or live there because that’s the moral base – Malay and moral purity – from which springs Isma, Perkasa and Salleh Majid?

Ibrahim Ali, along with Mahathir Mohamad, Salleh Majid, et al, flatter themselves thinking they are as pure as Arabian desert sand when they can’t even fix a broken kampung light bulb. Hannah Hen Yeoh, mama of no-race Shay Adora Ram, might just retort: These Malays… no class. But all this has happened because of Chinese provocation, answers Helen ‘No-More-Aku-Cina’ Ang, Hannah’s nemesis, both anti-Chinese bitches, meeting in the center from two ends of the same Sinophobic spectrum.

The more likely explanation is this, and it’s offered inadvertently by Salleh Majid: Umno and the PKR-DAP alliance are preparing the ground for the next general elections. But this is well threaded ground, not without the political and social consequences one sees today in abundance.

Take, for example, Mohammad Arif Rokman, 23. He is being prosecuted by the government of Malaysia not for any act he has committed but purely over an intent – to join Isis in a foreign war that is no business of Malays or Malaysia. Yet, if intent becomes the sole judge of criminality then Najib Razak should be in jail long before him: In an Umno assembly Najib had openly praised the Islamic State fighters then brazenly told Umno Malays to emulate its ragtag multinational bunch of murderers that had taken on the useless and demoralised armies of Iraq and Syria but were no match for western power. So their way of fighting the west? Catch some individuals and behead them in front of a camera. Pity Mohd Arif, a Malay product, schooled by another Malay product, Mara; one moment told to conduct himself like IS killers then, at the next, is arrested for doing exactly that.