Dapnosaurs in Malaysia truly do exist


Lim Kit Siang is described as a “Dapnosaur” who has done little for his constituents other than to bark at the PM who is trying his best to help his nation.

Iskandar Mohamad, Free Malaysia Today

When Spielberg’s Jurassic Park hit the big screen years ago, people were entertained by mammoth pre-historic dinosaurs trampling the earth.

Malaysia has her own Jurassic Park dinosaur in Lim Kit Siang who has hogged DAP leadership from 1966 to the present. A sterling record of forty-eight years in service automatically qualifies him to be a UNESCO heritage icon (sic) in politics.

Unlike Jurassic Park’s John Hammond who ensures everyone in the park is safe, Lim Kit Siang’s pet peeve is running down our prime minister almost every other day.

Being a positive and accommodating leader is not Lim Kit Siang’s calling in life. Being an instigator and hate monger blind to his own failings is his forte.

Labelling the prime minister as a “Great Contrarian” and “Absentee Prime Minister”, Lim is the living testimony of how the speck in his brother’s eye is greater than the log in his own.

In DAP, democracy is extinct, not dinosaurs who not only rule Dapdom but ensure their own breed continues the dynasty.

Things went awry the minute he out-served all the prime ministers of this country! Dapsters are never allowed to doubt, question or challenge the Great Dapnosaur!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who is the Greatest Contrarian of them all?

When has Lim ever taken any positive and pro-active measures to address concerns like Najib Razak who springs to take action when issues arise such as during the recent floods?

Lim’s Dapnosaur genes ensures he barks like a rabid dog by the roadside watching on the sidelines and nitpicking while doing nothing else!

Thriving in deep denial, Lim does not even realise his justification for calling Najib the Great Contrarian, actually applies to himself.

In typical archaic fashion, Lim is oblivious that he always had an opinion contrary to what others were saying and in so doing continued to destroy the country’s moral fabric and economic infrastructure thereby straining race and religious relations to dangerous levels.

The first three prime ministers would have been turning in their graves to see Dapnosaur Lim still hogging the limelight politically and still on the rampage with his divisive rhetoric and politics of hatred, fear, intolerance, bigotry and extremism under the pretext of the democratic socialism he preaches.