Government must re-examine implementing GST

The impact of the GST on the ordinary man on the street is still not clear; to claim that the man on the street will not be impacted by the GST is not true.


The Malaysian Government must review the implementation of the GST in April 2015 for the following reasons:

1. The impact of the GST on the ordinary man on the street is still not clear; to claim that the man on the street will not be impacted by the GST is not true.

2. There is no guarantee that cost and prices of goods will not go up after the GST is implemented.

3. There are wide ranges of assistance given only to business but not for the people.

4. It is unwise in the light of current socio-economic situation especially with the value of Ringgit falling. The integrity of the government in distributing and expanding the wealth of the nation fairly and wisely is highly questioned at the moment. For example:

5. Wrongful and wasteful expansion of tax payers fund as reported annually by the Auditor General has not been addressed.

6. The 1MDB fiasco goes into Billions of Ringgit. This is hurting Malaysians and financial institutions where workers/ tax payers money has been expanded.

7. The recent worst ever flood disaster has caused extensive damage to the lives of more than 250,000 Malaysians. We also lost 21 lives. The Government announced that a sum of RM 800.00 million has been allocated for the flood victims but no money to rebuild their lives is seen by the affected people including NUBE members;

8. The expansion of funds from EPF in investment is also done without workers consent.

9. The Government has not taken any effort to reduce the widening income inequality and there is no commitment from the Government agencies or the government link companies to make amends on this matter.

Majority Government representatives voted for the GST in parliament but the MPs voted in by the people did not look at the impact of the GST on the lives of the people who voted the MPs them into Parliament with the hope their wellbeing will be protected.

The Government is under extreme scrutiny yet and the government seems immune.

If the Government is desperate in implementing the GST, it should be confined to only luxury goods and services and those living luxurious and exclusive lifestyles. There will be sufficient revenue for the Government from these groups.

Otherwise the implementation of the GST must be reviewed in view of the serious negative impact on the 12 million workers and their family.

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