1MDB police report man mulls quitting Umno


Khairuddin says he does not want to drag the party that he loves into the controversy arising from a private report against a private firm.

Sandra John, Free Malaysia Today

Khairuddin Abu Hassan, a man very much in the news since he lodged a police report against 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), is contemplating resigning from Umno.

“This is absolutely ridiculous,” he said in reference to criticisms he has been receiving from members of the party. “The sycophants in Umno have been attacking me for reasons best known to them.

“I am pretty sure that there will be more personal onslaughts against me from now on, but I am well prepared to face whatever they do or plan to do to me. They can rest assured that whatever personal attacks that they have levelled against me will only make me more resolute and determined to get to the bottom of IMDB.”

The vice-chairman of Batu Kawan Umno said he couldn’t understand why his complaint against a private company would cause so much unhappiness in Umno.

Visibly upset during his interview with FMT, he said he was ready to quit Umno although he came from a long line of Umno members. “It runs very much in my blood,” he said of the party.

His pedigree includes the late Sulaiman Palestin, who challenged Hussein Onn for the Umno Presidency in 1978. Sulaiman, who was Khairuddin’s uncle, chalked up a credible number of votes against Hussein.

“I’m thinking of resigning as a member of Umno,” said a downcast Khairuddin.