Malaysia silent on Paris press attack


The Malaysian government remained silent today about the horrific killing of French cartoonists, with prime minister Najib Razak issuing a bald one-line statement that essentially said nothing.


Killing bad. Extremism not good. Moderation better. That’s what it said. It’s just a sales pitch for his campaign to be seen an a global “moderate” leader, whatever that means.

Not a word about the murderous attack on free speech or freedom of the press.

Not a word about the senseless slaughter of journalists exercising the power of their pens.

Here is the Malaysian response in all its glory:

Malaysia condemns in the strongest terms all acts of violence. We stand in unity with the French people. We must fight extremism with moderation.

Najib’s remark was just another public-relations image-building exercise for his laughable campaign to be seen as a global “moderate” Muslim leader — while the rest of his party and government, and sub-contractors of his party, are merrily attacking citizens for exercising their rights to speak and denying other citizens of their right to their own beliefs.

Citizens such as Malaysiakini journalist Susan Loone, arrested on a meaningless charge of seidition by Penang police who lack the moral fibre or courage to stand up against Umno’s sub-contracted bullies.

Citizens such as University of Malaya’s Azmi Sharom, also arrested and charged on another senseless count that basically amounts to not showing enough deference to an elite that has preyed upon the people for generations.

Not to mention all those robbed of their civil rights by the Islamisation process.

Najib’s telling statement, for what it fails to say, is merely an unstated endorsement of the Malaysian government’s longstanding attitude towards the press and free speech.

As everyone knows, the Umno-driven federal attitude is: Say nice things or else.

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