When Najib gets it right, someone will make it go wrong


The current “escapades” involving the PM’s jet is a crisis that any PR team can do without.

Scott Ng, Free Malaysia Today

Prime Minister Najib just can’t get a break. After cutting short his golfing holiday in Hawaii with US President Barack Obama to handle the flood crisis on the Malaysian East Coast, Najib has made all the right moves expected of a leader at a time when the people need him. This is the best he’s looked in a long time, and you’d imagine his public relations team sighing in relief that things are going their way at last.

Or so you’d think, but not according to speculations in social media or even the ruminations of bloggers like Shahbudin Husin.

Even as Najib finally takes charge and is seemingly on the way to redeeming his image, a little wrench gets thrown into the works when the question of where exactly the “First Lady of Malaysia” is arises.

You see, Najib’s jet didn’t come home with him to Malaysia. He took a commercial flight to Kota Bharu, where he’s dug in his heels and gone to work. The jet, however, has been from Los Angeles to Indianapolis and back again, and then to New York, London, Dubai, and Bangkok. With that many trips, it had better be Santa making some late deliveries to some very deserving children who got missed out on the first trip out from the North Pole, but as all Malaysians know, that sadly isn’t the case.

The government has tried to explain the situation, claiming that technical issues kept it from heading back to Malaysia, though why they’d allow the Prime Minister to fly to Hawaii on a jet that’s plagued with technical issues and can’t make it back to Malaysia is puzzling to us.

If indeed it is Rosmah on board that aircraft, then there are some questions that need to be answered once it lands on Malaysian soil.

After all, she did exhort the wives of ministers to sacrifice their own interests to support the politics of their husbands. So you’d expect Rosmah to be first on the ground, checking in on the flood-hit people, bringing their needs to the attention of the media and the government, instead of gallivanting across the United States, if indeed that’s what she has been doing.