Speak No Good, Hear No Good, See No Good ala Kadir Jasin


Iskandar Mohamad

One would have thought Kadir Jasin would ease up in his attack on the Prime Minister after the many statements, photographic evidence, and comments on social media. On the contrary, he seems to have a knack of proving Einstein’s statement that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

In his recent blog posting, he politicized the flood issue to the max by stirring Malaysians against the establishment instead of reporting objectively about what the government has done for victims and what detractors have refused to do.

Kadir Jasin really needs to take a Patriotism 101 at university or perhaps Civics at PT3 level.

His illogical reasoning in using ONE commenter’s response to justify how that SINGULAR comment “typifies the dissatisfaction of many Malaysians with the leadership of Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak and his merry men and women – not all but many” is evidence that dementia is possibly setting in for this once-upon-a-time media man.

Surely, with his experience in industry, he should know better than to obfuscate with ONE comment that can never be used to represent the opinion of millions of Malaysians. What is your beef with the PM. Kadir Jasin?

What good can you achieve by insinuating that our PM “lacks caliber, vision, and sense of responsibility to put right all the wrong”?

I find it ridiculous that you are so detached from news reports, social media postings about how much PM, DPM and many others have done. Perhaps you are so confused that you mistook Pakatan’s absence to be that of PM.  It confounds me how you can continue to bark about the golf issue.

Now, here is some information, which you may have selectively refused to read/remember because perhaps your Puppet Master has commanded you to See No Good, Hear No Good, and Speak No Good of the PM!

1.       Dato’ Seri Fadillah Yusof announced that the government has provided RM96 million to repair 93 flood-damaged slopes – of which RM 10 million are short-term repairs.

2.       Datuk Seri Hishamuddin has announced a one-off aid of RM500 for those in Ministry of Defence affected by the floods.

3.       The government has provided dried food, aid and many other resources

4.       Aid has been given to 8 states and 51 parliamentary constituencies.

5.       RM1.821 million has been spent by Ministry of Agriculture.

6.       The Veterinarian Department has sent 12 teams including 48 personnel to Kelantan to ensure livestock are safe (as announced by Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri).

7.       The government has also pledged to build permanent homes for the flood victims in Kuala Krai in a safer area.

8.       There are many more such achievements if you would care, bother to read and to report!

So, what have YOU, Kadir Jasin, and your Puppet Master or subordinates done – besides barking so noisily that all and sundry can see how you have no heart for the flood victims except to amplify their pain and anguish by painting a worser and bleaker picture than reality?

Your latest post shows The Beginning of the End of your reasoning abilities, Kadir Jasin! Your spinning is truly a watershed and ominous one to show how desperate PM’s enemies must be and how they are having sleepless nights over PM’s many outreach projects, which you, Kadir Jasin, and your ilk can and will never, match because your agenda is different.

All your lame explanations and attempts to smear the name and repute of PM and our government is a sham.

Your blindness to the aid given to the rakyat is not only farcical but a gross insult to our intelligence.

You live in such a dark world that even when PM reprimands ministers, you can see no good in it and have the audacity to twist it to your perceived advantage by saying that “the Prime Minister was proving the social media right that some members of his cabinet were more concerned with their holidays than the well being of the people who elected them”.

In seeking to confuse people, it would do you a lot of good to read up, collect data and see what you can say about your findings instead of dancing to your Master’s tune!

Like the Romans who had to choose between Caesar and Rome, the time has come for you and your ilk to choose between truths and smear campaign.

How true that regardless of the help extended to the victims of the aid, people will not know the truth if you continue spin, distort and lie. The buck stops with YOU, Kadir Jasin.

Come on, in the sunset years of your life, show ethics, and principles still exist in you. After all, you have led Media Prima before. In case you have forgotten, your subordinates and media colleagues also read your article – not just ordinary Malaysians.

So, let’s have some good reporting from you if that is not too much to ask from a veteran media man like you!

Or are you intent on speaking no good, hearing no good and seeing no good of the PM and the government?