Raub MP says Najib is finished


Ariff Sabri says the devastation caused by the floods in Kuala Krai show the full extent of the “incompetence” of our PM and his government.

(Free Malaysia Today) – DAP’s Ariff Sabri has said in no uncertain terms that Prime Minister Najib Razak had no political future left to speak of, the devastating floods the country has suffered having more or less shown the people the full extent of his incompetence and that of his administration.

In his latest blog entry, the MP for Raub said, “To me, Najib has no more future. The fate of UMNO and his own is already sealed by the next GE.”

He argued that Najib’s handling of the floods especially in Kelantan, the worst hit state, left much to be desired, adding, “Kuala Krai is indeed a watershed which showed the government’s incompetence in handling a national disaster.

Accusing Najib of taking things too lightly, Ariff said in a cynical tone, “Najib and his gang appear to think, they can respond to the flood with a jamboree mentality complete with his minions pointing to the water and saying or mocking us – look Tonto – this is water.”

He also put forth a “nagging” question: “With such extent and level of devastation that took place in many areas of Kelantan, why wasn’t a state of emergency declared?”

Like DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang who has repeatedly called for a declaration of a state of emergency, Ariff too expressed his incredulity that despite over 150,000 people losing property and livestock in the floods, the PM had adamantly refused to declare a state of emergency.

Ariff further argued, “The last time severe floods overwhelmed Pahang, I asked the same question through the Pahang MB.

“The answer I was given was that Najib would also have to declare a state of emergency in other states. That meant more resources would have to be spent.”