It is not that I love Najib less…


Salleh Said Keruak

It is not that I love Najib less but it is that I love Malaysia more. Yes, that is what veteran journalist Kadir Jasin implied in his ‘it is not that I love Caesar less but I love Rome more’ comment. Raub Member of Parliament, Ariff Sabri, added to this by saying that Najib is finished, meaning the Prime Minister is surviving on borrowed time.

It is most unfortunate that Kadir chose to use Caesar and Rome as his example as to why Prime Minister Najib Razak needs to be ousted. In fact, Rome saw greatness during the time of Julius Caesar and he was assassinated by certain members of the senate, some who were his friends, not because Caesar was bad for Rome but because of political rivalry and jealousy.

What Caesar’s detractors were worried about was that he was getting too popular and therefore needed to be removed. However, his removal through assassination triggered a civil war with a great loss of life and which just saw dictator after dictator taking over thereafter.

Hence the removal of Caesar did not solve Rome’s problems. In fact, it triggered even more problems. And this soon brought about the decline of Rome and its eventual collapse because it did not have leaders with the same calibre and vision as Caesar to lead them.

The removal through assassination of Caesar to allegedly save Rome is probably not the best example to use if you know your history. That move was not to save Rome. It was a grab for power by jealous rivals. And it just led to bloodshed later when Romans killed Romans on the battlefield.

The problem was not Caesar. The problem was a corrupt Roman society. And it was this corruption that eventually brought about the decline and collapse of the Roman Empire.