Hudud not ‘sacred cow’ topic, PKR lawyer tells PAS


(Malay Mail Online) – PKR’s Latheefa Koya today criticised PAS leaders who belittle the faith of those questioning the party’s ambition to implement hudud in Kelantan, insisting that Islam does not prohibit debate on the controversial Islamic penal code.

Insisting that PAS’s version of hudud is “not a sacred cow”, Latheefa said the divisive discussion on the religious law and Islam was only brought up by a small faction in both PAS and Umno in a “highly politicised manner” through media.

“It is further unacceptable for certain PAS leaders to continuously question the faith of Muslims whenever they raise questions or doubts on the PAS faction’s attempt to implement hudud,” said Latheefa, who is part of PKR’s central committee.

The PKR lawyer insisted that there is nothing in the Islamic teachings that prohibits debate on hudud, but that many ordinary Muslims here feel compelled to withhold objection to hudud’s implementation.

“There is some confusion that as Muslims cannot ‘reject’ the hudud, therefore we cannot question PAS’ version of hudud. This is a fallacy. PAS’ version of Hudud is not a sacred cow,” she said.

“PAS themselves have had to iron out among themselves what they understand and what they mean by hudud.”

Latheefa said as the debate on hudud was never brought up through proper meetings and discussions that involve all stakeholders, the PAS faction pushing for its implementation has failed to inform the public on its possible impact, practicality, jurisdiciton and effects of Constitution.

The PKR leader also accused Umno of manipulating hudud to distract the public from the “real issues”, using racial and religious cards to allegedly ensure that the country is divided.

Earlier this month, Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob announced that the state legislative assembly would hold a special sitting on December 29 to table and pass amendments to the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code II, otherwise referring to hudud law.

He told a news conference that the move was necessary to enable their move to table in Parliament a private member’s bill on the implementation of hudud.

In Islamic jurisprudence, hudud covers crimes such as theft, robbery, adultery, rape and sodomy. Punishments for the crimes are severe, including amputation, flogging and death by stoning.