Hudud not a cure for wrongs in society


Implementing hudud in modern times is not only unrealistic but will produce the opposite result of Islamic justice and fair play, say Lawyers for Liberty.

(Free Malaysia Today)- Lawyers for Liberty said today hudud does not have any divine or magical property to cure all the wrongs in society but will only cause cruelty and suffering bordering on torture.

Its executive director, Eric Paulsen, was commenting on the Kelantan PAS government’s plan to hold a special state assembly sitting on December 29 to table an amendment on the Syariah Criminal Laws Act II 1993 (Amended 2014).

Paulsen said Islamic scholars had also questioned the implementation of hudud in modern times, saying it was unrealistic and would most likely produce the opposite result of Islamic justice and fair play.

“This is an irresponsible act of political grandstanding and blind faith that failed to take into account the best interest of Malaysia and its people, and the serious repercussions such an act would entail,” he said in a press statement today.

He added that harsh punishments like stoning to death, crucifixion and amputation of limbs were out of place in this day and age because they constitute cruel and unusual punishment and would violate the right to life.

“Any attempt to introduce hudud will be unconstitutional as the hudud derives its ultimate authority from the Quran and therefore only possible under a theocracy,” said Paulsen.