Clear message through royal awards


Datukships are meant for those who show loyalty to the state and to the Palace

Roslan Bistamam, Free Malaysia Today

The Selangor Palace sent out a very clear message in giving out datukships on the Sultan’s birthday yesterday.

After revoking Anwar Ibrahim’s datukship last November 3, the Sultan decided to award datukships to two PAS Exco members.

These two were among the four who did not resign from their positions during the Selangor Menteri Besar crisis. And the award is the gratitude that the Sultan is demonstrating for their loyalty when the other six Exco members – from PKR and DAP – demonstrated their disloyalty.

The other two PAS Exco members who did not get datukships are serving their first term; so they will have to wait till their second term, like the two who were made datuks yesterday.

Azmin Ali is barely a few months in office. He will have two wait a year or two for his datukship although the Palace refers to him as “Dato’ Menteri Besar”.

This dispels the talk that the Sultan is snubbing Azmin by not giving him a datukship yesterday. That is wishful thinking on the part of those who are opposed to Azmin.

Basically, datukships are meant for those who show loyalty to the state and the Palace. And those who commit “durhaka” (sedition) do not get a datukship. If they already have one, it is withdrawn.

Hence the message from the Palace is that Anwar is a traitor to the state and to the Palace, a very serious charge if you are Malay and understand Malay culture. In some states, Anwar would be declared persona non grata and will not be allowed to step foot in the state.