Selangor PR lawmakers, remember your Buku Jingga ‘Manifesto’

Selangor DUN

Michael Kum, Malay Mail Online

Dear respected Yang Berhormat ADUNS and MP’s, About a month ago, we attended DAP’s fundraising event in MBPJ’s Civic Centre where leaders of DAP, new MB YB Mohd Azmin Ali, and a Selangor PAS ADUN also spoke. Many points regarding BN’s corrupted attitude, ineffective process between Federal and State hence slow decision making process, and a host of other “legacy issues” from BN’s time, were brought up.

We want to ask, are PR lawmakers following their “Buku Jingga Manifesto”? If so, it says, “No highway, No tolls” — what value added can be observed? We Rakyat paid  attention to this rhetoric — and we voted Pakatan, so that some wrongs under BN can be rectified. In a Resident Association group, how do we convey news to our fellow neighbours,when developments are all hidden and kept in the dark? These cover from complex matters such as “One Way Loop” — OWL impacts, Environmental impact projects like Kidex; Mangkubumi Sewarage project problems; and day-to-day related matters such as theft, rubbish collection, traffic displacement.

Moral concerns

PR reps, please do not just talk on civic and political concerns, but also on moral concerns. We find that “Pakatan Rakyat’s moral obligation” — is not up to par. Now, this is not a complaint, but an effort to encourage PR lawmakers to improve their trustworthiness. For eg., YB Tony Pua; you talk about 1MDB and it’s corruptions; but what are you doing about the very state that you are governing?  We rakyat feel betrayed that we voted PR, and where we want to be heard, our needs are being bulldozed.

For example, on 9 December, MBPJ held “OWL Public hearing”. On– “Residents Slam MBPJ One Way Loop Road System” — 200 angry residents showed why they want the project scrapped. Many of the complaints, accidents, even death; was due to poor planning, lack of road design management and shallow understanding of the OWL benefits, in its entirety. Now, MBPJ spent RM20 million, based on the ideas of Mayor Datin Paduka Alinah. What do we do with the money burnt? Will MBPJ listen? Will PR reps help? Or will it be NFA — “no further action?”

No public consultation

According to Mak KW, “Public Consultation” is “totally unheard of”. This is true. When did the Local Councils, and PR reps, ever consulted the Rakyat? Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Reps, we need you to quickly focus on these issues, and take action. Why are our local councils, e.g. MBPJ ; after so many years in service, including DBKL, etc, still need 10 people to fix a light bulb? Also in some cases, never fix it or replace with a faulty one?  Recent write ups on potholes, and  lives lost due to mishaps, don’t they cause anger?

Lost focus; or no focus?

Also, why are ADUN’s focused on domestic issues, i.e., drains, gardening, security issues? Why not instead; FOCUS on large scale Local Council Change Management, with strict KPIs, with elected councillors?  What will PR representatives and MB YB Mohd Azmin Ali do about this? PR Reps, we hope you will work to make the state a better one. We Rakyat United are well informed, that we either;” Change the Person, or change the person”. If your moral obligation does not change, we will change you. Thanking you, sincere regards.

* Michael Kum is Asstant Chairman, Resident’s Association, Section 14A, Petaling Jaya.