Salleh : Ending BR1M will kill BN’s credibility


BN needs to know that promises cannot be taken lightly. If they promised BR1M in their election manifesto, they’d better deliver.

Jasmine Wong, Free Malaysia Today

Former Sabah chief minister Salleh Keruak has cautioned both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat leaders that election manifestos are not just for show.

In his latest blog entry, Salleh advised prime minister Najib Razak to get down to the serious business of discussing how many of the promises Umno pledged to the people in exchange for their votes in 2013, had actually been delivered.

He listed BR1M as a “crucial issue” that warranted discussion in light of the many political leaders, both BN and PR, who were calling for its end.

Saying the implications of ending BR1M were far reaching, Salleh wrote, “Do we want the Prime Minister to end BR1M?

“And if he does end it, is Umno prepared to face the risk of losing votes in the next general election?”

Salleh also expressed his conviction that promises made, must be fulfilled as it was a question of credibility in the eyes of the electorate.

He said, “Are election manifestos and election promises merely a means to fool or trick the voters into voting for you and once you win the election you renege on these promises?”

Questioning, “Is this the mark of a responsible Prime Minister and government?”, Salleh added, “Promises have been made and promises must be delivered. And BR1M is one of the promises that were made.”

Salleh also reminded Najib that BR1M was not a one-off promise but a five-year commitment that the people would hound Najib about if he ever ended it despite others in his circle criticising it as “immoral” and a form of “bribery”.