PKR MP threatens mass protest if fuel prices not cut


(Malay Mail Online) – Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will organise a demonstration on New Year’s Eve if Putrajaya does not reduce fuel prices by December 1, PKR’s Rafizi Ramli said today.

The Pandan MP said the prices of RON95 and RON97 petrol, as well as diesel, should be cut as global crude oil prices fell 20 per cent two months ago.

“With a 20 per cent drop in global crude oil prices since two months ago, the price of RON97 should similarly drop by 20 per cent,” Rafizi told a press conference at the Parliament lobby here.

“Therefore, I call for the price of RON97 petrol, RON95 petrol and diesel to be reduced starting December 1. Otherwise, my Pakatan Rakyat colleagues and I will lead a demonstration on December 31, 2014, at Dataran Merdeka to call for the reduction of fuel prices,” added the PKR vice-president.

Rafizi also said he believed that even if petrol and diesel prices were to be cut, the price of goods would not fall, which would prove the Barisan Nasional (BN) wrong as the ruling coalition has claimed that businessmen would be able to reclaim tax monies from the goods and services tax (GST) that will be implemented next April.

In a report last Sunday, The Sunday Star reported Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan saying Putrajaya may reduce the prices of RON95 petrol and diesel if global crude oil prices dip to between US$70 (RM224) and US$75 per barrel.

He reportedly said a drop in that range would have crossed the RM2.30 per litre price for subsidised RON95 petrol.

The pump prices for RON95 petrol and diesel were increased by 20 sen last October to RM2.30 and RM2.20 a litre respectively after fuel subsidies were cut.

An estimated 5,000 people rallied in the city centre on New Year’s Eve last year against the rising cost of living.