We don’t want a racist like Zuhdi in Pakatan, says DAP


(The Malaysian Insider) – The DAP has taken the PAS central committee member behind the controversial WhatsApp texts to task for his “racist and extremist” views and has asked him to issue an apology.

DAP national publicity chief Tony Pua responded to Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki’s (pic) explanation yesterday that the controversial text was merely a study of PAS’s options should it leave Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

“Dr Zuhdi thinks that the benefit of a separation from PR will help to return all the political powers of the Malay-Muslims.

“The issue here is not whether Dr Zuhdi’s analysis had been confidential or a personal view, it is the exposure of his racist and narrow-minded thinking.

“Dr Zuhdi owes the people of Malaysia an apology. PAS also needs to take action over this issue otherwise their slogan of ‘PAS for all’ will be tarnished.”

“And if he does not apologise over the matter, we do not want him to be in Pakatan, even if he intends on staying with the coalition.”

Dr Zuhdi on Monday said if PAS left PR and forged a Malay Muslim alliance with Umno, the new pact could still govern Selangor with Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim remaining as the state menteri besar.

He also said if PAS left PR, the new alliance could quell dissenting ethnic and religious minority voices with ease and dismiss complaints by DAP, churches and non-Muslims about issues concerning the use of the word “Allah” and the seizure of Bibles by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department.

Pua said Malaysians were not disputing Dr Zuhdi’s move to review whether PAS should remain within PR or to move out.

“It is PAS’s right to decide whether they want to stay with PR or leave. This is not the point of contention.”

“What has angered the public is the content of Dr Zuhdi’s analysis, not the revelation of his analysis.”

PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli also demanded that PAS take disciplinary action against Zuhdi, saying the leaked message was racist.