Is the Kajang Move still moving?

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Why is there any need for Khalid to deny he is joining Umno or PAS?

Roslan Bistamam, Free Malaysia Today

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has apparently found it necessary to deny he is joining Umno or PAS. We know why he is denying he is joining Umno. This is because he attended an Umno Selangor buka puasa last Thursday, which was graced by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, and this triggered the rumour that he is joining Umno.

Incidentally, Anwar Ibrahim also sat down to have tea with Najib and the pictures were all over the Internet, but neither Anwar nor Najib needed to issue any statement to deny that the former was joining Umno.

And back in 2004 Anwar attended Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s Hari Raya open house in Kepala Batas together with the then Sarawak Chief Minister (who brought Anwar there) and they did not need to deny that Anwar was joining Umno.

So why the need for Khalid to deny he is joining Umno just because he attended an Umno buka puasa that was also graced by the Prime Minister? I suppose it is because Khalid is a hot issue and there is talk he will be ousted soon after Hari Raya.

Anyway, the fact that it is rumoured Khalid is joining Umno is quite understandable. But why the need to also deny that he is joining PAS?

Well, that is because while last Thursday’s buka puasa is now common knowledge, the meeting that Khalid had last Saturday with PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang and PAS Secretary-General Mustafa Ali was not so common knowledge until it was leaked.

It was supposed to be a secret meeting but then Khalid, either intentionally or due to lack of political acumen, went and tweeted the news regarding that meeting. And those who are on Khalid’s Twitter re-tweeted that message. So now the whole world knows about the secret meeting, which is no longer a secret, obviously.

Some people are now angry with Khalid for tweeting the news regarding what was supposed to be a secret meeting, and for uploading the pictures on his Facebook. Many more are angrier that the meeting even took place. And they are perturbed as to what might have been discussed during that meeting.

It is well known that Hadi wants to maintain status quo and allow Khalid to serve his full term. Mustafa, however, has the opposite view and supports the move to oust Khalid and replace him with one of Anwar’s nominees so that Anwar can be both de facto PKR leader and de facto Selangor Menteri Besar.

So what was this meeting about? Was it a form of reconciliation between Hadi and Mustafa, where they would come to a consensus regarding Khalid’s fate in the presence of Khalid? And why was DAP not represented in this meeting? Or did Mustafa represent DAP’s voice?

Today, Mustafa said that a Pakatan Rakyat Presidents’ Council meeting would be held just before Hari Raya, probably towards the end of this month. The fate of the Selangor Menteri Besar may or may not be discussed, Mustafa said, leaving Malaysians still in a state of confusion and uncertainty.