Name change for Hudud?


I can look past the stupidity

Nehru S.M

I  don’t practice Islam, but I am not against Hudud, and these are my reasons.

I am not against Hudud because for one, I am not against Islam. I understand that most people who are against Hudud are against it simply because of its Muslim origin. Period.

Secondly, I can look past the stupidity of a lot of Muslims who support Hudud. I understand that these supporters do not actually understand Hudud. They are just supporting Hudud to show everybody around them “what good Muslims they are”, and also because they know it pisses off the Non-Muslims and pissing off Non-Muslims is the favorite pastime  of some of these Muslims.

Third, I am not against Hudud because I know many of the practitioners of  the common and civil laws of Malaysia. Almost all the lawyers in Malaysia are actually closeted capitalists, while all of the judges and magistrates here have the herd mentality. I laugh at the idea that the common and civil justice system in Malaysia is able to provide social justice to the Malaysian people. It is very funny, because it is common knowledge that in Malaysia, you will go to jail only if you steal something small. If you steal big, nothing is going to happen to you, because the lawyers will be on your side, and the judges and magistrates will just go along with what everyone wants. In an insane way, the civil and criminal laws as it is practiced in Malaysia actually encourages criminals to dream big by punishing those who dream small. I don’t hold in high regards the Malaysian civil and common laws.

So no, I am not against Hudud. I actually find the laws practiced in Malaysia as being defective, and I think for decades now, the laws in Malaysian have been steadily drifting away from the course of justice. I am actually looking forward to change.

Hudud for me is just another name for change.