New Johor enactment must be in line with Federal Constitution principles: PM


(Bernama) – Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the proposal by the Johor government to table a Bill to enact the formation of the Johor Housing and Property Board must bring advantages and benefits and protect the interests of all, especially the rakyat (people of Johor).

The Prime Minister said the enactment must also be in line with the principles of the Federal Constitution which upholds the constitutional monarchy system and parliamentary democracy system in the country.
Najib said he had stressed this to Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin after he was informed by the Johor menteri besar on the state government’s plan to table the Bill.
“The menteri besar explained that the Bill was consistent with the provisions of the federal constitution. He will also be fully responsible in managing the board,” the Prime Minister said in a statement to Bernama today.
Najib said Mohamed Khaled would also ensure that  the enactment fulfilled its objectives. Among them is to make available more affordable homes for the people of Johor.
It has been reported that the Johor government planned to table the proposed Bill on Monday.
The bill has received mixed reaction with some quarters claiming that, if passed, would see the involvement of the Sultan of Johor in state administration, which the menteri besar has since denied.