Zahid Hamidi, you irk me!

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If he can still consider Yogyakarta as his kampung, how loyal is he then as a Malaysian citizen, and as a full cabinet minister!

Stephen Ng, FMT letter

Home Affairs Minister, Zahid Hamidi may claim himself to be a son of Perak born in Bagan Datoh, a Bumiputera, and a so-called true native of this country. Because of the controversy that he created by calling the Chinese ‘ingrates’, I got agitated by this character that I decided to google and try to find out more about him.

Someone pointed out to me that Zahid is, in fact, an Indon, who still speaks Indon like any our Indon maids. So, when I googled ‘Zahid Hamidi Indonesia’, a lot of things came out. One particular link that attracted my attention was this piece of evidence on a TV interview in Jakarta, Indonesia: that I found, clearly tells the truth, without a doubt, about Zahid Hamidi’s origins.

Not sure about Zahid, but from the tone of her voice, I could sense that even the TV host was cynical and trying to expose more information about this true blue Indon boy, who is now proudly the Minister of Home Affairs, Malaysia.

In my opinion, Zahid appeared too engrossed with himself from the way he spoke passionately in his Indon slang about his origins, something that I cannot even do, when I get the chance to visit Fujian in China.

To me, it is shameful for the whole country to have a Home Affairs Minister, who proudly told the Indonesian TV channel that “ayah saya” is from Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta, while “ibu saya” is from Ponorogo in East Java. What do think? Malaysia is Indonesia, and Indonesia is Malaysia? Even the emcee in the video clip was quick to differentiate Indonesians as different from the Melayu in Malaysia; otherwise, she would have mentioned, “We are from the same stock”.

Now, when I think back again how this same Indonesian man had accused the Chinese as being unpatriotic to the country for not joining the army when he was Defence Minister, how do you think I feel? Respect such an honourable minister? If he can still consider Yogyakarta as his kampung, how loyal is he then as a Malaysian citizen, and as a full cabinet minister! Gosh!

Then, I think again of the term used ‘Pendatang’ which is used so very often against Chinese and the Indians in this country by Umno and its kunchos. I repeat, Umno does not represent all the Malays in this country, and not all the Malays want to be identified with Umno, so the term is not going to pitch us against the Malays, and otherwise.

The question is who are the real pendatang? The same video clip clearly reveals to me for once that even Zahid Hamidi himself is a “fresh newcomer” to this country as well, whereas I am already a third generation Malaysian. Both my grandfather and father were born in Malaya! Even Dr Mahathir Mohamad is only a second generation Malaysian, as his grandfather, Iskandar Kutty came from Kerala.

What irks me the most recently is when Zahid called the Chinese ‘ingrates’ for voting the DAP in Teluk Intan by-election. I wonder how a full Malaysia cabinet minister worth his salt can consider me an ingrate for my decision of who to vote when this country is, in fact, a democractic nation!

Ini bukan Indon, Pak Zahid Hamidi!

In fact, I would say that Zahid’s words were detrimental to the democracy of this nation, challenging the secrecy of my vote. It is as though he has the power to know who we vote for! In today’s context, it does not matter anymore. I would vote for anything other than Umno or Barisan Nasional. Whether the Chinsese, Indians, Kadazan or Dusun vote the DAP or Parti Kereta Lembu Indon, it is none of Zahid Hamidi’s business.

Nothing secret about it anymore, in the last General Election, I openly voted for PAS, and since PAS is an Islamic party with a Malay majority, do you consider me as an ingrate? After all, I did not vote for DAP in the last General Election.

Or perhaps, MCA would call me a pro-hudud voter. What the heck! But this is the kind of politics that irks me every day. Why should I even think of voting for Gerakan, even if Mah Siew Keong were a good friend of mine! There is too much stupidity in display by the people vested with too much power.

As I read more, I found there are countless of other blogs about the Home Affairs Minister which I do not wish to elaborate from my google search, but it suffice for me to just say that some of our politicians are really shooting their mouth off, without going through the grey matter. For goodness sake, please start thinking why the people are so against Umno and Barisan Nasional these days!

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