Triad members blamed for PKR election ruckus

PKR election chaos

(NST) – PKR has blamed triad members for the ruckus that happened during the party polls in two of its branches in Kota Raja and Kuala Langat.

The party’s election committee director Datuk Johari Abdul said the sabotage was organised and had consistent patterns with the chaos that had happened in other branches.

“We have evidence which show that there are groups of people who just barge in to the polling centre toward the end of the voting and just attack the boxes.

“In these two branches, we can confirm that it was done by people outside of the party, wearing similar-looking uniforms.

“We have the videos and we are investigating deeper into it,” he said at the PKR headquarters today.

Johari added that most of the sabotages occurred after 2.30pm and the “target” of sabotage were the ballot boxes.

He said that the committee would not rush and thoroughly investigate the fights that happened in other branches to avoid from apprehending the wrong person.

“I do not discount that there may be some people who have their own agendas better known to them.

“We want to be sure whether or not they are party members before proceeding to lodge a police report.

“If they are indeed party members, we will use the party mechanism to take action against them, depending on the severity of the case,” he said.