Koreans have Samsung, we have ‘samseng’?

penang riot2_0

Mohsin Abdullah, Fz.com

THEY have done it before. This Umno show of so-called anger. Remember the storming of APCET II? And the threat to burn down the Chinese assembly hall in the federal capital? Also the many “racial tone” rallies? What about the disruption of many an opposition ceramahs? Google if you can’t recall.

Now it’s the storming of the Penang state assembly. And threat to burn down DAP HQ. And the aggressive act to intimidate the DAP candidate in Teluk Intan. Just to name three recent acts. And I would say there’s no need to google as the acts were as said earlier – recent. So recent they are still fresh in the mind.

Point is, it’s nothing new. The reason, target and venue might be different but the modus operandi and tone are the same. But why is Umno (Youth or otherwise) keep doing this?

“Seems like practising the law of the jungle,” said an old friend. Interestingly, his son is one of the leaders in Umno Youth. And referring to the Penang state assembly “invasion,” he had this to say: “Please respect the people who voted Pakatan Rakyat to form the state government.”

Even the Seri Delima rep, who made the statement in question, lodged a police report. Not barging the dewan like the uncivilised.”

Hard words from a man who was active in Umno in the 1970s but quit the party in 1982 and has been “partyless” ever since.

The “statement in question” he was talking about is of course the “Umno celaka” uttered by RSN Rayer of the DAP .

Back to the big question – why is Umno so “violent”?

Umno has always seen themselves as Malay warriors and likened their political struggle to a “war.” There’s even a keris on its flag and two keris as party symbol.

It’s common (until now) to hear bravado such as “we will fight till the last drop of blood” usually proclaimed by leaders at Umno gatherings and getting thunderous applause from party members. Not to mention keris kissing.

In short, the Umno vocab in fighting for the “cause” is “war sounding”. Words used include “kill, cut them off, gempur (fight).” And many more.

But surely the party leaders who had come up with all that did not mean it literally . In all probability, they had wanted to “naikkan semangat” (raise the spirit) of party members in carrying out the Umno objective.