S’gor had early warning on water crisis


Expect severe dry spells in the coming months, warns Somnath, a water expert with extensive experience

Anjulie Ngan, Free Malaysia Today

Five years ago, A  Somnath, a water engineer who worked for Jabatan Bekalan Air Selangor from 1955 to 1985 wrote to the Selangor state government warning them of a future water crisis.

“I have sent over 20 letters to the state government and to the water concessionaires about the crisis. No one heeded my warning. No one took preventive measures.

“I am constantly sending them letters. All of them reply with the same thing: “Thank you for your letter.” I had warned the state government about this year’s water crisis four years ago,” said Somnath.

The retired water engineer who has more than 45 years of experience in planning, construction, operations and maintenance of water supply in the state of Selangor showed FMT countless of letters he had sent, and all of them had been brushed aside.

“I have so much knowledge on any matter relating to water. I haven’t just sent them letters concerning one subject, but I have written on every topic on water to them,” he explained.

Speaking to FMT, 85-year old Somnath who hasn’t stopped working since he retired is constantly drawing up plans, updating his reports and gathering information about the water condition in this country.

“I do this everyday. I know how bad the government and water concessionaires are managing the water here in Selangor and I also know that many short-cuts are taken when constructing dams or water treatment plants (WTP),” he stressed.

“I will not start naming those who are irresponsible, but I will say again that the people who are currently managing the state’s water supply do not have the basic knowledge or the experience in how to manage their operations properly,” he stressed.