Gobind: MB must listen to people on Kidex


Khalid is not trying to understand the problem of the people on Kidex, says Puchong MP

(Free Malaysia Today) – DAP’s Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo took Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to task today for not listening to the residents over the Kidex highway project.

Gobind said Khalid must understand that there was nothing wrong or extreme about objecting to this project because the residents had a right to do so.

“The residents are merely exercising their rights and he should respect that.

“Khalid should not expect the people or his elected reps to just lie down and take his directives silently. This is a democratic nation and the people have the right to be heard.

“Even now, after all the protests, Khalid has failed to do this. This has come across as arrogant and is consistent with the “one man show” label sprung against him in the State Legislative Assembly sitting recently,” said Gobind.

He said Pakatan Rakyat in its manifesto stood firm against toll and the people voted on the strength of these promises.

He added that Khalid should abide by the promises made by Pakatan Rakyat to the people in its 2008 and 2013 campaign.

“Khalid argues it is a federal project beyond his control and he may or may not be right. The federal government should be criticised as well but it is for Khalid to convince the people that this is the case.

“But we do not see Khalid putting up a fight and do not see him trying to understand the problem from the perspective of those affected.

“We do not see him speaking up against toll and over the mass destruction such a project will bring and affect many people,” added Gobind.