No Action, Talk Only (NATO)


Today we still hear politician say “Vote for me and I’ll do this for you”. Malaysians, don’t we think it’s an outdated phrase?

Gloria Teo Ching-wenn

We have been hearing this for decades and yet nothing much was done but mere talking. It is very sad and disgusting at the same time. If by words alone, Malaysians can become politicians or administrators of this country, then many more would have qualified for these positions. It is rather by sincere actions from the politicians’ heart that would win voters to their sides.

Unless we are attending an interview to get a job, you can tell the interviewer that if they hire you, you’ll do this or that for them. In this case, they really have to hire you first before you can contribute in their organisations. But we can’t tell Malaysians anymore that if you vote for me, I’ll do this or that. It’s a threat as this involves the whole nation. Does that mean that politicians have to gain something first before contributing to the nation? What if one doesn’t do what was promised after being elected? Malaysians would have to wait another 5 years before we can ‘fire’ or replace you. By then 5 years are already wasted, nothing was done but merely talk. Then another 5 years of idleness with either the same politician or another talk-only-no-action (NATO) politician. How many more 5 years do we have to wait before politicians talk less and do more good deeds to serve the public?

Running for election in an area is like bidding for a project for the next 5 years. So show us your track records, what have you or your party done/doing for the people particularly in that targeted area. If you are a new party, there’re always ways and means to prove your credibility. Have you ever even bought a cup of teh tarik for those you want to vote for you? If not, why should you even expect them to vote for you? Or have you, politicians ever helped an unemployed get a job or write a resume? That doesn’t need money. Doing good does not necessarily involve money. So, if politicians still believe that ruling over Malaysians is all about talk only than these people should change their career because it is not meant for them. Malaysia needs a complete change and doing things in the same old way will not bring us any changes but rather idleness or backwardness hence we should forget about being a developed nation or achieving vision 2020.