Who is the enemy?


Zaid Ibrahim

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak is lucky to have Khairy Jamaluddin as an ally and mind-reader. Every time Najib says something silly, which happens quite frequently, Khairy is there to provide the necessary clarification or explanation so that the damage is minimised.

The latest offering from Khairy was an explanation that Najib’s statement—liberalism is dangerous—had been misunderstood because the Prime Minister used the word “liberalism” too liberally (that’s confusing enough but never mind).

Khairy then went on to explain that the Prime Minister was trying to say that there could not be “unfettered liberalism” or liberalism in excess, such as gay parades on the streets or topless parties.

That’s the trick apologists for the Prime Minister usually play on us. They always use ridiculous examples to distort points raised by the public. When people ask for freedom, they say “there is no such thing as absolute freedom”. When we ask for a free Press they say “a free Press will cause confusion”.

Now when we merely assert the need for a dose of liberalism consistent with the philosophy of the founders of our country, they quickly say that unfettered liberalism is dangerous. Nobody is asking for unfettered anything, Why not? Because these things are not dangerous. Indeed, they are the hallmarks of a free country.

Najib also said that Islam and its followers were now being tested by new threats under the guise of humanism, secularism, liberalism and human rights. Suddenly he becomes the new ISMA warrior

Why is our Prime Minister, who just a year before the 13th General Election was touting himself as a reformist on the march to transform this country and its people, suddenly doing this strange U-turn?

Reckless speeches and statements from the Prime Minister about “enemies within” only exaggerate the tension in the country. As the Prime Minister, Najib should be the one who calms frayed nerves, who arbitrates, who brings the voice of moderation and reason to a country that has been producing people like Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma), Dr Ridhuan Tee and Dato’ Ibrahim Ali in large numbers. A responsible Prime Minister does not put fuel on fire

What I find so annoying about leaders like Najib is the hypocrisy. Who could possibly be the “enemies” of Islam? Are they the Superpowers?

After all, the leaders who have espoused all the “dangerous” principles of liberalism and human rights have usually been from the United States and Europe: Barrack Obama, David Cameron, and so forth.

But wasn’t Najib showing off how close he was to Obama just a few weeks ago? He even had a free ride in the Presidential Car. He must have spent considerable time and money to gain acceptance by Washington and London.

If Christianity is the enemy, why didn’t Najib sort out the matter when he visited the Pope? If society is endangered by liberalism, secularism and human rights, how come Najib found comfort in London and New York—the capitals of decadence and sin?

Come on, Mr Prime Minister, let’s get real and explain it all to the rakyat: who are the enemies you are referring to?