Malaysia is far from going bankrupt


Salleh Said Keruak

The opposition leaders are going all over telling the people that Malaysia is going bankrupt. The picture they are painting is very bleak as if the country has only a few weeks left to live. Not only does the opposition sensationalise issues and tries to dramatise everything, they also do not tell the people the truth and distort a lot of things.

Why will the opposition not reveal that in 2013 Malaysia’s capital market touched RM2.7 trillion? The capital market, which is mainly bonds and equity, actually grew by 10.5% last year. Over the last two years, RM240 billion was raised through the capital market while the Islamic capital market grew by 8.8% to RM1.5 trillion with Syariah-compliant assets representing 56% of the overall capital market.

This is a remarkable performance by any standards and is a fact that is overlooked and probably intentionally ignored in the effort to undermine Malaysia and present the country as going to the dogs.

No doubt the opposition’s job is to show that it can govern the country better than the existing government. However, we should at least tell the people the truth and not mislead the people by telling them the opposite of what is actually going on.