Saifuddin: I won’t give up


The PKR deputy president candidate also believes that he should not back out from the race as he is currently in second position

Alyaa Azhar, Free Malaysia Today

PKR deputy president hopeful Saifuddin Nasution has dismissed any notions about pulling out from the race and stressed that he will fight until the end.

Speaking to FMT, he reasoned that for him to back out, incumbent deputy president Azmin Ali will be left with no one as an opponent.

“Why should I back out? If anyone should back out it should be the one who is at number three,” he said.

According to PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli, Azmin is leading the race for the party’s deputy president’s post.

Based on unofficial results, 53% of the party members had cast their votes for Azmin.

Azmin managed to garner 4,800 votes (53%), while his closest contender Saifuddin received 2,200 votes (24.4%).

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is in third position with 2,050 votes (22.6%).

Saifuddin also pointed out that it was still too early to deliberate about pulling out from the race.

“Only 9,000 members have voted. PKR has 500,000 members and other states have yet to start polling,” he said.