‘PKR will have to cope without Anwar’

Fuziah Salleh

Fuziah Salleh says the party’s spunk comes mainly from collective leadership.

Alyaa Azhar, Free Malaysia Today

PKR is strong enough to move forward and take over the reins of government even without Anwar Ibrahim, according to Fuziah Salleh, one of the party’s vice-presidents.

Much of that strength came from its practice of collective leadership, she said in a recent interview.

“We have many layers of leadership,” she said. “We do not depend solely on one person.

“If given the chance to become the government, I know we will do extremely well.”

“We will have to cope and survive without Anwar,” she added.

The Court of Appeal last month found Anwar guilty of sodomy and sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment. He is out on bail pending an appeal to the Federal Court.

Fuziah, speaking to FMT about the April 25-May 11 party elections in which she is defending her vice-presidency, said she would rather not see too many changes in PKR’s leadership.

Total change could destabilise the party, she added.

“What we need is a fresh approach. For example, there should be a mix of older and younger leaders. At every level of leadership,combinations would be good.”