New political party in Penang


They do not have a party logo yet, but they will be ready with a candidate for the Bukit Gelugor by-election.

Athi Shankar, Free Malaysia Today

A group of 44 local non-government organisations (NGOs) and temple committees, has formed an anti-DAP political party, predominantly Chinese based, to be known as the Penang Front Party (PFP).

The PFP’s immediate political task is to field a candidate for the upcoming Bukit Gelugor by-election.

And its long term goal is to “save Penang from the DAP”.

Forms to register the party will be submitted to the Register of Societies (RoS) today.

Speaking at a press conference in a restaurant in Bayan Baru today, the PFP pro tem committee chairman, local businessman Go Chui Tiong, said the party had shortlisted three candidates for the by-election.

“We will decide on the right candidate and the party logo in time for Bukit Gelugor,” said Go.

He added that due to its anti-DAP stance, PFP will have political leanings toward Barisan Nasional and other anti-DAP and anti-Pakatan Rakyat groups.

Bukit Gelugor polls is on May 25. Nomination day is on May 11.

Go said he was confident PFP would be able to upstage the BN candidate from MCA in Bukit Gelugor.

He believes PFP can win more Chinese votes than MCA due its base as a lay public movement.

He said the party was formed due to the incompetence of the DAP government to govern Penang.