Rafizi: I’m not part of a PKR cartel

Rafizi Saifuddin

He says he happens to hold ideas that Saifuddin and Nurul Izzah agree with

(Free Malaysia Today) – PKR vice-president hopeful Rafizi Ramli denied today that he had formed a political alliance with Saifuddin Nasution Ismail and Nurul Izzah Anwar for the purpose of contesting in the upcoming party polls.

He told reporters here that he and the other two happened to subscribe to similar views on policy matters and it was not proper to describe the connection as a “cartel”, as PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has done.

Azmin is defending his post in the election and Saifuddin, the current secretary-general of the party, is one of his challengers. Nurul Izzah is seeking re-election to one of the vice-presidential posts.

“If there is a grouping, the grouping is of an idea,” Rafizi said. “It’s not a grouping of personalities.”

In launching his campaign last week, Azmin said intra-party alliances or cartels might cause the break-up of the party.

Rafizi said PKR members had achieved enough political maturity to allow for situations where “candidates or leaders are free to share ideas and platforms”.

“Leaderships must be allowed to subscribe to certain views, especially on policies,” he added.