Loss of statesman and ‘adab’


Are we fighting so much for Islam that we forget how to be a Muslim? Or are we trying to be a pious Muslim that we ignore to be a good human being?

Abdul Haleem Abdul Rahiman, TMI

The nation lost a statesman – Karpal Singh. The tragedy is not his death but the death of compassion and “adab” – manners. Are we growing as a nation or merely breeding for sake of God?

Why the religion is used for utter nonsense and moronic theories?  Where is the compassion? Does the skullcap on your head make you dumb and dumber?

In my humble opinion, we have bigots in the august house because we lack of men and women with integrity.

The ones with principles. Surely, he is one hell of a man with strong principles. A man who never compromised on his principles.  Even if you were going to throw him in jail.

He is gone now.  He is not coming back and we are not sure if we’ll see another Malaysian lawyer cum MP as good as him.

Where are your manners when you proudly post those pictures? Be it real or graphics. Don’t you have any shame? Do you call yourself a leader? You are a disgrace.

Apparently, “RIP” is not allowed. Since when God is working overtime digesting what condolence means when a Muslim speaks English. Do you think all Muslims in this country are stupid?

You are stupid. Jakim, I am talking about you. You use religion to make a living. Not to contribute but to stir nonsense. By the way, we are the nation which debates alphabets, words and language on the name of religion.  No surprises.

I even saw a text saying “Rest in Hell”. I wonder if he was not taught about manners.

The Islam he professes has no meaning when he has no “adab”. Poking fun at someone’s death shows how immature you are.

You are a father. If I am your son, I will commit suicide.

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