Losing the madness


Visnu Natesan

We have lost the plot in the search for a better country. Our society has become pessimistic without much thoughts or critical thinking. Many disagree for the sake of disagreeing. Many argue for the sake of arguing. Many oppose for the sake of opposing. We are accumulating madness without intellect. We are accumulating hatred instead of empathy. Negativity has taken the figurative role and as days pass by nothing much could be done. Day by day we are becoming what most civilization fear off, backward- thinking society.

Gutter journalism is becoming a common theme. Print media, electronic media, social media, etc., are flooded with articles, news, comments, etc., that do not contribute to progressive thinking. On average, the public are reading more on conspiracies, myths and gossip rather than reading material produced with the highest quality content. The public are becoming subject of ridicule from conspirators and political masters. We are what we read. The general public has become pessimists, intolerable and negative. Do we blame the media for producing such content or do we blame ourselves for encouraging the media to produce such content because of popularity?

We are divided by two schools of thoughts; Anwarism (Anwar Ibrahim) and Mahathirism (Dr. Mahathir Mohamad). Each sect claims that one is superior to the other. This reminds me of the philosophical battle between the schools of Vaishnavism (Lord Vishnu) and Shaivism (Lord Shiva). For centuries, scholars from both sects have argued on who is a supreme God. Many theories, stories, literature and debates have been presented to the public. In Book 13, Chapter 15 verses 1 to 51, Lord Krishna explains to Yudistira how he got initiated into Pashupata Diksha and how he obtained the grace of Lord Shiva. About soliciting boons of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna says, “Bowing my head with great joy unto that mass of energy and effulgence (meaning Lord Shiva)…”. He calls Lord Shiva Brahman, Parameshwar (the Supreme God) and Paramatman (the Supreme Soul). It is actually ONE.

The ideology clash between Anwarism and Mahatirsim has paved the way for new age politics. Instead of understanding the strengths and weaknesses, we are clouded with variations of stories presented by the media into believing one is superior to the other. If we observe carefully, Anwarism is a branch of Mahathirism. It depends on how you look at a glass with half-glass of water; half-full or half-empty. Both sects have their similarities and differences. The core theme is about power.

Mahathirism has been the subject of controversy. Many liberal thinkers oppose the ideology because of the power themed concept. The power themed ideology has it strengths and weaknesses. The ideology has contributed for rapid economic development, industrialization (shift of agrarian economy) and modernization. On another note, it has also contributed to cronyism, nepotism and leakages. The critics have been merciless on Mahathirism and the online media has a vast collection of hate messages geared towards Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. As a commoner, we need to reflect on the achievements and failures in order for our society to move forward. The public continues to hate without much thoughts.

This ideology has pushed this nation forward. We can choose to learn from the mistakes and improvise or we can argue for next ten years blaming the ideology.

To err is human; to forgive, divine. Alexander Pope

The choice to forgive is yours. As a commoner I choose to move forward instead of moving backwards. To critics, the choice you make by writing venomous articles confirms lack of empathy and fuelling hatred into the society. The intellectuals have taken steps backwards instead of forward. It is purely political.

Anwarism has been a strong supporter of liberalism. The ideology focuses on liberalizing the society and balancing the power between the government and opposition. Many failed to realize that without Mahathirism there is no Anwarism. Just like Vaishnavism and Shaivism, it is the ONE.  All the weakness in Mahathirsim is used as propaganda tool. Anwarism is maturing as a strong ideology and it still focuses on power similar to Mahathirism. Ideology has an expiry date and clearly Mahathirism is no longer relevant for today’s generation.

Little did we realize that Anwarism shares the similar characteristics as Mahathirism. It focuses on controlling the mind of the people. The control has divided us as a nation just like the Republicans and Democrats. The divide is declining us from progress. Have we progressed as much as during Mahathirism? The answer is no. We keep on moving backwards without many achievements. Gone the days when we are labelled as the economic powerhouse of South East Asia. The rate we are moving, Indonesia and Vietnam will perform better than us in years to come.

It’s time for politicians to focus on moving the country. Enough of politics and start working on the leadership issues plaguing the country. For the sake of the people who voted you in, work for them not your political party or masters.