Ideologically Idealistic but Idiotic


Magdalene Maria Joseph

Reading Tian Chua’s tweets now and then puts me in head-shaking disbelief. That an educated man who has passed the half century mark and experienced unbelievable ups and downs in life BUT STILL refuses to stop being a claptrap befuddles many, including myself.

Just last month, he ran foul of the law for instigating the public via Twitter to overthrow the Najib regime in five months. Before the dust has even settled from that case, what ideological or idealistic foolishness provoked him to tweet the following:

tian chua tweets

Apparently, Tian Chua considers himself invincible despite the fact that he faces

i)   two pending sedition charges on Lahad Datu intrusion and the Black 505 rally

ii)  another charge of obstructing police and

iii) another for participating in an illegal assembly

iv) another sedition charge for the ‘topple Najib in five months’ tweet

He seems completely indifferent to the knowledge that if he is found guilty and fined more than RM2,000, he will be stripped of his position as MP for Batu.

As a philosophy graduate and a former head prefect, it is bewildering to see how breaking rules and norm-breaking behaviour is now his second nature. Foolhardy and gung-ho all for nothing, he seems to have forgotten that people voted for him not because of anything but because of strong anti-BN sentiments which would probably have even propelled a cobbler to MP status.

Certainly, his behaviour and persistence rebellious nature is a betrayal of people’s trust and hopes in him to represent them in parliament. Nonetheless, he perseveres to show his lack of commitment, intellect putting himself and party first, not the rakyat.

Putting on a pretentious cloak for justice, he has demonstrated nothing short of stupidity and cavalier disdain and complete disrespect for authority. Does he think such temerity will earn him brownie points for the next GE? How then can he serve the electorate that put him into public office?

The more he gets into trouble with the law, the more brazen and defiant he becomes completely nonchalant that he is up the creek without a paddle in his boat. Powered by his blind temerity, he delights in running into trouble.

For sure, Tian Chua is in the ‘right’ party – one that has little direction but plenty of glitz and glamour of the wrong kind! On March 29th, he confirmed he would be contesting for the party’s deputy president post during the party’s election in May. Then, he “described himself as a candidate who is qualified  to occupy the party’s number two position.” Twelve days later, he announced he had withdrawn from contesting for the deputy president’s post but would go ahead defending his current position.  Therefore, while he is hardheaded where anti-establishment feelings are concerned, he is as meek as a lamb within PKR, toeing party lines.

This time round, he has proven his idiocy –persistently and defiantly provoking people in twitter in shameful ways and then to blast the police who stepped in to contain his boundless energy to instigate.

What gives him the right to call the police who are carrying out their duties ‘thugs’ when he himself has a samseng-like tone in Twitter and even in public meetings? He must realize his political impetuosity has serious repercussions on national unity and peace and does nothing for his already shaky reputation.

What is more important – your handphone/ipad or a peaceful nation?

Tian Chua – time to bangkit! You are past your prime. Build character and leadership the right way – not via ideologically idealistic and idiotic actions or words! Show your mettle to serve the rakyat, not your master.

Kudos to the police for doing their work!