Anwar, your honest answers please!


FMT LETTER: From Huan Cheng Guan, via e-mail

Since the crossover that never materialised in Sept 16, 2008, Anwar Ibrahim has proven time and again that his claims are highly dubious and his stand on issues have a tinge of chameleon DNA, ever-changing to suit the political climate. Hence, he should give Malaysians honest answers to the following issues.

In your interview with the UK’s Daily Telegraph (SEE HERE), you implied that Malaysian officials were complicit in a terrorist act. If you are unable to substantiate your accusation, you must apologise for slandering your country at a time of national crisis and for behaving like a traitor instead of a patriot.

Till today, while you are busy accusing others of not telling the truth, you have not explained why you initially denied knowing the Captain of MH370 personally but that you had seen the captain of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane at PKR meetings.

The next day, you made a U-turn when you said he is a distant relative. Why did you tell us two versions of your connection with the captain without batting an eyelid or giving any logical explanation? How can anyone believe anything you say?

In so many interviews, you have said the whole world is critical of Malaysia. However, China, Singapore, Australia, and the US have praised Malaysia’s efforts to find the plane. Are you telling the world that those nations are wrong and you are right? Why are you relentlessly condemning your country?

You baffled us when you said we should have stopped searching in the South China Sea, even though it had not been ruled out. The FAA and the NTSB have clearly said the Malaysian authorities did the right thing. Are you telling us that you are more qualified than global aviation safety experts? And that you know better than them and other world leaders?

At a time of crisis, you gave many interviews to international media with no qualms in condemning Malaysia before the world and citing press freedom, election fraud and many bones of contention when they were interviewing you about MH370. On top of dragging Malaysia’s prestige through the mud, you delighted in boasting about how much everyone wanted to talk to you and not to other leaders.

Is that behaviour becoming of a leader like you? Once upon a time, you wanted to become Prime Minister. When the dream fast faded away, you have openly declared your desire to be Menteri Besar of Selangor. Have you no shame at all?

It is disgusting how you told The Daily Telegraph that the Malaysian military “didn’t have the sophistication of the US.” You seem to have forgotten that even with their sophistication, none of the planes on Sept 11th was intercepted.

Why didn’t you question them at that time? Why the double standard? You are simply jumping at any and every opportunity to bring shame to Malaysia without knowing that your efforts have made disgraced yourself in the eyes of the world.

From the various interviews and statements you have given international press and broadcast stations, Malaysians demand you tell us honestly, are you defending Malaysia or on joining the various foreign critics of this country? Whose side are you on, really?

Recently, Lim Lip Eng said PKR would find the plane if they were in charge. You should tell Malaysia and the world how this would be executed if PKR were given the opportunity to take charge of the search. Your silence will only prove that you and your minions are riding on the MH370 tragedy for your personal political mileage.

Clearly, we can all see how you have shamelessly exploited this national tragedy for your naked personal political gain. Like a dying man clutching any straw, you have stooped so low to manipulate a national tragedy and to embark on an international smearing campaign to humiliate the status quo and to elevate your standing.

After GE13, you said you would resign but instead of keeping his words, you openly declared you want the position of Menteri Besar of Selangor. Now that you have shown your true colours during the MH370 tragedy, be a man of your words and finally step aside from Malaysian public life once and for all. Failure to do so means you are a man of no scruples with no moral ground to make any public statement to anyone about Malaysia.

The writer is president, Centre For Politcal Awareness Malaysia