Hudud: Will PAS ‘kowtow’ to DAP?


The Islamist party must marshal on with its hudud agenda and not capitulate to any Chinese based organisation

Narinder Singh, Free Malaysia Today

The PAS-led Kelantan government is bent on implementing hudud in the state despite facing the possibility of derailing its ‘strange but cordial’ political relationship with DAP. The issue has been on the table for debate since the early 80s, but it never saw the light of day as PAS did not have the necessary majority or political strength then.

The current political and legal landscape have provided a refreshed avenue for the Islamist party to revitalise its aspirations. PAS has contributed significant political mileage to the opposition coalition, especially in the 2013 general election.

DAP and PKR, fully aware that PAS is an Islamist party that had never wavered on its call for implementing hudud, still persisted keeping it on the band wagon just to increase the probability of taking over Putrajaya.

DAP is founded on Chinese strength. Deny how much one wants, the truth is just to hard to swallow sometimes that they can never ever be a community who can represent any other race except their own.

When was the last we saw any Chinese organisation be it social group, Chinese based political party or majority Chinese owned business entities or Chinese guilds fighting for the rights of Malays, Indians, Melanaus, Dayaks and Ibans?

The Chinese in DAP will only extract the best non-Chinese brains for their selfish agenda and motivation to bolster their wealth and political power. Beyond that, it will be a fantasy of sorts for this ego-centric society to initiate plans that will bring benefit to other beings.

Now, back to the hudud issue. DAP has in the past two general elections made ‘peace’ and superficial compromise with PAS to project an image that all is fine between them. If that were so, why is DAP dead against PAS on the hudud issue?

Has not DAP made some Malays the obvious idiots in their skewed political game? It have always lambasted the MIC and MCA as spineless lap dogs of Umno. Is it now saying that PAS must also be its lap dog and abandon its core principle of championing the rights of the majority of Muslims in Malaysia?

PKR quiet as a mouse

DAP should on the contrary support PAS’ intention to table the hudud bill in Parliament. PAS should stand its ground and not bow to pressure from DAP in implementing hudud, not only in Kelantan but also Malaysia. Who is DAP to dictate terms to an independent party?