IGP should resign immediately


The latest court order is needed to uphold the situation but the IGP and police force washed their hands.


We are shocked to see the reaction of the IGP who is not upholding the country’s law. We are urging the current IGP to resign from his post if he cannot or fail to do his duty.

Malaysia is a country which has a Constitution and the police force is supposed to follow the order of the Federal Constitution. When the court decision was made by the civil court judge, the IGP or even the king must obey the law. It is the work of the police to see that the judgement is carried out. It is irresponsible for IGP Khalid Abu Bakar to say, “Settle your problem privately”. If everyone decided to settle the country’s complications privately, where is the need for the police and judiciary systems? The IGP is inefficient; you need to go back to school or go and sell nasi lemak and karipap in your kampung.

1. The Syariah court order was overturned by the civil court this week. So the latest court order is needed to uphold the situation but the IGP and police force washed their hands.

2. The case would have been resolved but the police force and the IGP took the side of the convert father to kidnap his own son without the mother’s permission. A police report has been made but no action taken.

3. The UMNO government needs to make a stand as their double law system is complicating the police. The police are not in a position to take action or speak for either party because the whole mistake was done by UMNO by complicating the system.

4. “Police are not worried about the child’s safety as he is with his father” said the IGP but the son complained to the judge that the father had been beating him and there were times when no food was given. It is a case of child abuse. Why can’t the IGP act on this child abuse case?

5. If Syariah law does not bind Non-Muslims, we strongly suggest the law makers say Deepa and her underage kids are still Hindus and Syariah or forced conversions cannot take place in this civil society.

6. We need immediate action from all parliamentarians to debate this matter. The country is struggling with racism, religious bigotry and double systems. Wake up and save the land which you love before our egos put the country in bad shape.

7. The UMNO government is obliged to amend article 121A for bringing chaos to the country. They are responsible for disunity in the country. MIC and MCA who supported UMNO’s atrocities must play their role to go against their TUAN which is acting against humanity or UN resolutions.