First hudud meeting after 20 years?

Dr Fadzli Hassan

Mohamad Zulhairie, Malaysian Gazette

After 20 years the Pas led Kelantan mooted hudud, the Enakmen Undang-undang Jenayah Syariah II Kelantan 1993 is finally being discussed.
Proposed by ex-Kelantan Chief Minister Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the meeting which is held for the first time is called Jawatankuasa Teknikal Enakmen Undang-undang Jenayah Syariah II 1993 and was attended by appointed scholars to fine-tune the enactment.
According to state Jawatankuasa Penerangan, Pembangunan Maklumat, Sains dan Teknologi chairman, Datuk Dr Fadzli Hassan (pic), preparation needs to be done by the state government before hudud is implemented in Kelantan.
“A large number of appointed committee members turned up to discuss the enactment and this is our first meeting since mooted more than 20 years ago.
During the meeting, some questioned why it took so long to hold the meeting, of which some accused the state government of not being serious in implementing hudud.
Dr Fadzli said the state government has formed two committees which is the pre technical committe and the technical masterplan committtee to allow the state government to study the enactment as well as get feedback from scholars and academicians.
The feedback will be inserted into the exisitng Enakmen Undang-undang Jenayah Syariah II 1993.
He dismissed allegations by some committee menbers who has accused the state government of dragging its feet in implementing hudud.
Dr Fadzli also denied that the state government is duping Nik Abdul Aziz clarifying that several pre technical meetings have been held before involving state officials, academia and professionals.
This committee has held various forums, workshops and seminars to gauge the public’s feedback on hudud.
“We will hold several more meetings to fine-tune the Enakmen Undang-Undang Jenayah Syariah II 1993.”