MCA: Penang’s CAT out of the bag

Chew Mei Fun

(FMT) – Pakatan Rakyat-led Penang state government must explain its failure to practise competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) in its administration and owes Penangites an explanation, MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun said this morning.

Chew who is also the Penang MCA state chief lambasted the leadership of DAP under Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, describing that it is very shocking to know that Lim had failed to pass the scrutiny of the Auditor General.

“Penang government must explain why CAT failed. As reported in the first series of the AG report, Penang International Islamic Technological College owned by the State Religious Council had employed 27 lecturers with no permits.

“Penang Municipal Council contractors had failed to meet the basic quota in waste collection as stated in the contract but still received extra monthly payment of totaling RM 1.43 million.

“Batu Kawan stadium had paid RM25,000 between 2011 and 2012 for 31 projects without receipts,” the recently defeated Kajang by-election candidate said.

“It is very shocking to know that the state government under the leadership of DAP Penang Chief Minister had failed to pass the scrutiny of the AG,” she added.

Chew then urged the state government to review the report seriously and to take stern action against itself as how it has been preaching to others to be responsible.

Chew who is also the Special Officer to China advised the Penang state government to set their own standards to address the malpractices.

“Since Lim and DAP claim that they practise CAT policy they should responsibly address the malpractices with their own set of standards.

“I am wondering now if the CAT policy is still being practised by the state government after six years under Lim’s leadership. Otherwise these malpractices should not have happened,” Chew explained.