DAP is not MCA 2.0


(TMI) – DAP, or Democratic Action Party, is still seen by many as a political organisation with a lot of Chinese leaders and members. Therefore, it is often perceived as a Chinese party.

However, the real Chinese party in Malaysia is MCA or the Malaysian Chinese Association. Only Chinese join this party, and it is only interested in serving the Chinese community, although in practice it is more about the interest of the Chinese Malaysian capitalists and their government cronies.

Due to its Chinese characteristics, MCA is not an organisation for all Malaysians. It is only limited to the Chinese community who represent less than 25% of the country’s population.

By its minority nature, MCA is usually bullied by its de facto leader in the Barisan Nasional coalition – Umno – an ethnic Malay party claiming to represent most of the 60% of Malaysian population.

Umno was originally a Malay nationalist party formed in the 1940s but has transformed itself into some sort of a supremacist party of today – although there are some leaders and members who are not too happy with its current insular tendency.

For parties, such as MCA and its Indian-based counterpart MIC, they are trapped in a racial game where Umno leaders will always be in charge of everything. Umno will always lead merely by claiming racial superiority in terms of numbers, that is, Malays being the majority ethnic group in Malaysia.

However, in reality, by selling the propaganda that Umno “protects” the Malays, Umno leaders and their cronies managed to keep the economic cake for themselves, leaving the poor Malays poorer while antagonising all other Malaysians who have no connections with the big business.

Such is a vicious cycle of a race-based political system. Under BN, it has become the epitome of racism; and racism hurts everyone, including the Malays who do not agree with the views of the Malay supremacists.

An example of this arrogance of power is when a government minister Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim proposed that Malaysians should vote along racial lines. This means Malays vote for Malay candidates, Chinese vote for Chinese candidates and so on. If accepted, this could further segregate Malaysians who are already separated by race and religion.

So where does DAP fit into this scenario?

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