Oh no, Anwar’s hit a new low


Ex-Convent Girl

It’s April 4th and even as the grim task of underwater searches begin for the black box of MH370, Anwar Ibrahim is chatting up reporters of The Telegraph UK and Sky News, gunning down our government with suggestions of a massive cover-up.

Speaking in the tortured accent he assumes when interviewed by foreigners, Anwar slams our air force for their “incompetence” and contradictory statements, saying only an international committee could “save the image of the country”.

While he upstages our government for what he strongly believes to be suspicious behaviour, I take issue with the fact that Anwar is pretty clueless of the facts himself.

Saying it is “clearly baffling” how our radars “failed to detect” the plane, I myself am baffled how Anwar is unaware that our radars did indeed detect the plane – the issue was the time lapse in reporting it. And what did he think our air force could do – shoot the commercial jetliner down? With all 239 passengers and crew on board?

I continue to be baffled at how Anwar initially claimed he did not know Captain Zaharie from Adam, yet now acknowledges he’s a close personal friend who is an ‘ardent supporter” who he met many times and is someone who is “nice, smart, articulate”. Who’s making the U-turn now?

He also suggests our government could be “complicit in a terrorist act”. Yet official news reports state terrorism has been ruled out. Has Anwar been so caught up in the whirl of foreign press interviews that he has failed to keep abreast of developing news? Has this new-found international fame totally disabled his capability to separate fact from fiction?

Then there’s the issue of media credibility. Is Anwar aware that The Telegraph carried a piece claiming MH370 was deliberately crashed into the Indian Ocean in an “apparent suicide mission?” He tells the press that he condemns speculation that the captain may have had political motives to sabotage the plane. Feeling so strongly about this, why would Anwar then have accepted an invitation to appear in this same news outfit to suggest the Malaysian government is hiding something? Or has Anwar made a U-turn once again by thinking this media credible after all? And if so, are we to conclude Anwar concurs with them that the captain was of unsound mind and could possibly have been on a suicide mission? Pray tell us Anwar – what is your stand on this? Your bending this way and that is confusing us.

While Australia’s Ocean Shield and Britain’s HMS Echo converge in the Indian Ocean in search of the black box, we are grateful so many nations have put aside political differences to unite with us in this time of need.

China’s ambassador to Malaysia has stood by our PM in defence of his briefing last week when Najib said, “…flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean”. Singapore too has come to our defence. Australia’s PM has said, “We won’t let you down.” Even Indonesia is on standby to help. And the Vietnamese Defence Minister said the missing MH370 was “like our own plane”. The US, we all know were on board from early on.

The only real voices of dissent have been Anwar and his small-minded minions who have been a thorn in our sides since March 8th.

DAP’s Lim Lip Eng foolishly claimed “DAP or PKR leaders will find the plane if they were made to head the air force or navy”, only to retract that statement hours later with his tail between his legs.

On separate occasions, both Anwar and Lim Kit Siang have called for the resignation of our defence minister because like most opposition leaders they like the sound of their voice coupled by the dramatic thumping of their angry fists on the table.

But most nonsensical of all is PAS’ Mahfuz Omar saying Pakatan leaders were willing to replace all 239 passengers and crew taken hostage if indeed the flight was hijacked. Someone has been watching too many Hollywood movies – and B-grade movies at that.

Yes, our opposition leaders are a brave bunch of clowns, ready to leap tall tales in a single bound as they don their capes to save us from the treacherous clutches of a demented government.

Leading the way in a great show of masculine heroism is the self-appointed defender of the underdog, Anwar Ibrahim as he makes his rounds of the various international news desks, dishing the dirt on us.

Anwar you’ve hit an all time low – humiliating your country and kicking us while we’re down. You are still taking centre-stage, belittling our every effort to find the plane by harping on our weaknesses.

The next time you’re all decked out for another interview, why not tell us what your action-plan is to find the plane… why not tell us how you can whip our air force back into shape and improve national security. While you’re at it, why not just come right out and tell us this never would have happened on your watch.

Your integrity’s already hit rock bottom. We are tired of you. Aren’t you tired too?

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