God hates Democrats


Are you all idiots or what? Why would I want to go back to Malaysia when I can remain here in the UK and watch movies about God committing genocide and killing more people in 40 days than the Vatican, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Khomeini, Saddam, etc., combined in 700 years?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

I find that most people would just read the heading or title of an article or news item and then move on. Then, based on the heading or title, they would form an opinion. Sometimes the heading/title and the body of the article/news item may be different. In other words, the heading/title has nothing to do with the story. But since most people just read the heading/title it is the heading/title that sticks in their mind although the story may be about something totally different.

The sensationalising of the heading/title would decide whether you just read the heading/title or you continue to read the story as well. So, a heading/title such as ‘Dog bites man’ would not interest you to read further as ‘Man bites dog’ would. Definitely the former is ‘normal’ while the latter is sensational. So you would read the latter although the story may not be about a dog biting a man at all.

I met up with Hishamuddin Rais recently in Manchester and he asked me why I had said that First Lady Rosmah Mansor is not guilty. Of course, he was referring to the Altantuya Shaariibuu issue although Altantuya’s name was never mentioned in our discussion.

I asked Hisham from where he got that idea. Did he see the video of my interview or did he read that in Utusan Malaysia? He admitted that he read that in Utusan Malaysia. Well, if he had read that in Utusan Malaysia then he probably just read the heading/title of that news report because the body of the report said no such thing.

Hence even enlightened and progressive people like Hishamuddin Rais just read headings/titles of news reports and not the body of the story.

And that is why I titled my article of today, God hate Democrats. You will never know what I mean unless you continue reading till the end, which is what I want you to do. Actually, God also hates Republicans, gays, Christians, religionists, and so on. But maybe we can talk about all that in another article, especially about God hates Christians, which is going to get a lot of very unhappy Christian readers commenting with vigour.

But, hey, making you unhappy is the mission of my life! It is what I do! It is what makes Raja Petra Kamarudin into what he is. God put me here on earth to rub you the wrong way, to make you unhappy, and to make you think because if you do not think then you can never respond to what I write or rebut what I say (which is what most of you cannot do anyway — that is rebut what I say without going into meaningless theological rhetoric).

So, as I said, God hates Democrats. Hence, if you are a Democrat, then God hates you because democracy goes against what God wants. God does not want democracy. Democracy is about the rule of the people. The people rule themselves. The people decide what they want. The people choose the system of government. The people choose based on majority rule. The people decide their laws. The people implement these laws that they have decided themselves. And so on.

God hates this. This goes against the wishes of God. This is what God wants eradicated. And this is exactly what you are doing, the very thing that God hates.

The only thing that God can accept is the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of man is not in God’s game plan. And the only system that God can accept is God’s system. Every other system is a deviation and defiance of God’s system. And the only laws that God can accept are God’s laws. All other laws are despicable and an affront to God.

Democracy or a democratic system of government or democratic laws is a slap in God’s face, figure of speech, of course, because God does not have a face like what most people believe.

I mean, God is infinite, is He not? Infinite means there is no boundary or limits. There is no beginning and no end. It is immeasurable. It is beyond or greater than any arbitrarily value. It is absolute. It is total. It is all embracing and everywhere at the same time.

Is that not what God is? So, if that is what God is, then God is infinite. Simple! So God would not have a face (to slap), or any type of human form for that matter. God is…well…God is infinite. Infinite is infinite. There is no other description or definition of infinite.

Democracy is man-made. Democracy has its limits. A democratic system of government has its limits. Democratic laws have their limits. Democracy is about humankind deciding how it would like to be governed. Democracy is about the rule of the majority. Democracy is about the majority having say over the minority. So God cannot accept this. Hence God hates Democrats.

So, if you are a Democrat, then you are an enemy of God. And, according to the ‘Holy Books’ of the Abrahamic faiths or the Semitic religions, a.k.a. Judeo-Christianity-Islam, God declares war on His enemies. Those who decide to go their own way and set up their own system contradictory to God’s wishes must be exterminated.

Back in Noah’s days this is what happened. Humankind thought it knew better than God as to what is good for them. So they broke away from God and set up their own system. So God exterminated entire humankind except for Noah and his immediate family.

This is the first recorded case of genocide in history. Thereafter, humans followed God’s example and committed many more acts of genocide on fellow humans over thousands of years.

Anyway, the film Noah has been banned in Malaysia. Later today, about 1.00am tomorrow (Malaysian time), my wife, Marina, and I will be going to the Odeon to watch the movie Noah. That is one of the perks of living here in the UK. And we still have many silly Malaysians asking me to go back to Malaysia or saying that I am now pro-government because I am trying to go home to Malaysia.

Are you all idiots or what? Why would I want to go back to Malaysia when I can remain here in the UK and watch movies about God committing genocide and killing more people in 40 days than the Vatican, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Khomeini, Saddam, etc., combined in 700 years?