The Red Bean Army : Who are they really?

ramesh rao

Kumara Sabapatty, Malaysian Gazette

The Red Bean Army consist of 800 people operating in cyberworld with a salary of RM3,000 each and their sole duty is to wreak havoc and provoke the government.
Persatuan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin president Ramesh Rao said the army targets gullible members of the public easily led into believing all the propaganda hurtled against the government.
And they are all legitimate members of the DAP.
They also operate covertly under the guise of bank officers, retail shop owners, mechanics, lecturers, doctors and restaurant owners with the sole aim of messing up the minds of the masses as well as spooking the Chinese.
As bank officers, the Red Bean Army will purposely not approve loan applications and will tell the customer to blame the lopsided policies of the Barisan Nasional which fabours Bumiputeras.
The army would say that if the country was under Pakatan Rakyat administration, their loans will be easily approved due to its fair and equitable policies for all Malaysians.
For taxi drivers, they will blame the government for the rising cost of living and as for shopkeepers, they will blame the government for the high prices in consumer goods with the profit going into the pockets of cronies.
For doctors, they will blame the BN for the high cost in medical charges and will ask patients to “Ask Najib on why medical costs are so expensive.”
Lecturers meanwhile will spook the Chinese scaring them that there is no jobs for them in the civil service.
That is why their job advertisements are so blatant with bold requirements such as “Chinese only” thus denying the Malays and the Indians of the same job opportunity.
The Red Bean Army will also be paid to hold demonstrations with no specific agenda and plan to influence up to 10 million voters with their anti government sentiments by the next 14 General Elections.
Rao said the source of this information is from within DAP itself which has clearly strayed from its party struggles and objectives.
The Red Bean Army if left unchecked will, destabilise racial harmony and become a growing threat to national security.