What Is A Weasel?


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A weasel is a small slender active carnivorous mammal (genus Mustela of the family Mustelidae, the weasel family) that preys on animals (like rabbits) larger than themselves, they are mostly brown with white or yellowish underparts, and in northern lattitudes turn white in winter.  Here is a picture.

The word weasel also has another meaning in the English idiom. You can check out Miriam Webster’s definition.

Anyway something or someone has wound up Musa Hitam. He has made some strange statements lately. Musa Hitam says that on the day when the Memali Massacre happened on 19th November 1985, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir was also in the country.

It is widely understood that when the Memali Massacre took place, Tun Dr Mahathir was out of the country. So for Musa Hitam to say otherwise is either being daft (which Musa is very good at) or Musa has at last unearthed extra terrestrials at Area 51 in Roswell.

What is 100% certain is that Musa Hitam was definitely in the country when the Memali Massacre happened on 19th November, 1985.

What is certain is that Musa Hitam was the Minister of Home Affairs at that time. And the Police would not do anything of that magnitude without the specific approval of the Minister of Home Affairs. No matter where Dr Mahathir was, it was Musa Hitam who was Minister of Home Affairs on 19 November 1985. He would have called the shots.

And here is something more relevant – Musa Hitam was Acting Prime Minister at the time of the Memali Massacre. He was Acting Prime Minister because the PM Dr Mahathir Mohamed was not in the country.

I was back in KL at that time on vacation from college in the US and I clearly recall watching Musa Hitam on TV explaining the Memali incident.

I received the following note from someone about Musa Hitam’s statement.

  1. Is Musa Hitam’s statement that Mahathir was in town when Memali happened in 1985, a new revelation, as the common belief was Dr Mahathir was in China?
  2. So why did Musa come out with it 30 years later and not much earlier even during  Pak Lah’s time or immediately after GE13?
  3. Is there an agenda or does he want to clean his hands and ensure Memali’s blood is on Dr Mahathir’s hands.
  4. Whichever way, Musa is still the culprit. 
  5. If what he says is the truth, then why did he not come out with it much sooner? Afterall, he left the political scene a  good 27 years ago. He owes Malaysians an answer for that.
  6. If Dr Mahathir was in town, what I cannot figure out is why then was Musa the Acting Prime Minister?  Usually, when the Prime Minister is away or he is incapacitated then the DPM is made Acting PM. 
  7. Therefore Musa has another question to answer ie “If Dr Mahathir was in town how come he was Acting Prime Minister?”
  8. Indeed Musa’s allegation seems to want to create a ruckus in this presently sensitive political climate, so that doubts are raised about the truth of Memali.
  9. Is Musa vainly trying to dissociate his doings and plant the whole incident on Dr Mahathir, notwithstanding the fact Musa was the Home Minister?
  10. Maybe he wants to  checkmate Dr Mahathir as payback, so that Dr Mahathir does not remain a major factor in Malaysian politics. Something he himself suffered when he lost political power.
  11. Whichever it may be, truth or lie, Musa has a lot of explanation to do, for he is the one who is attempting to publicily prosecute Dr Mahathir on Memali.

Well these are relevant questions for Musa Hitam. If Dr Mahathir was in the country at that time, then how come Musa Hitam was the Acting Prime Minister?