PAS: Re-open Memali case

PAS demands the government to re-investigate the Memali incident as they feel there is a conspiracy behind it

P Ramani, FMT

PAS today urged the government to re-investigate the Memali incident after former deputy prime minister Musa Hitam revealed new critical information last Thursday in relation to the incident which saw the death of 14 civilians and two policemen in 1985.

Musa had, during a political discussion in Kota Baru, exposed that former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was indeed in the country during the incident and not away in China as was reported previously.

Mahathir, when asked about this, responded over the weekend that he needed to check before commenting on his whereabouts at that time.

Speaking to reporters at parliament today, Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar said that false and misleading reports on Mahathir’s whereabouts at that time indicated a conspiracy by the government.

Mahfuz also wanted the government to retrieve the Memali incident ‘white paper’ issued in 1986. The white paper showed extremists had tried to spread deviant teachings and disrupt public order.

Meanwhile along the re-investigation, Mahfuz also demanded the National Fatwa Council to re-look into the fatwa which was issued during that period.

The Kedah State Fatwa Council  took the dramatic step of issuing a fatwa saying that those who died were not al-shahid (non-martyrs) as claimed by PAS.

The Memali incident took place at a remote village in Baling, Kedah, in November 1985.