Khalid sold 1,172 acres land below market for kickback?


Another Brick in the Wall

PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 9)

The MH370 tragedy had been too disturbing that we had lost the will to up-date with new posting. Alas life has to continue and the series will continue too albeit a slightly varied format. It is to get traffic.

To continue where we left off, it should be to start to with the problems with Datok Othman Omar. However, there was a corporate development last Thursday and Friday that should be highlighted because we are aware of an inside story that was tipped off to us.

Indirectly, that could be the one of the unknown reason for poor Chinese turnout at the Kajang by-election.

It serve the purpose for an old friend in PKR to ponder why would the Chinese not bury BN in Kajang with the UMNO Hulu Langat machinery is in such a disarray with an indifferent and crooked leadership at the UMNO divisional and state level?

Kajang move had a lot to do with Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s handling of PKNS and water settlement that resulted in plans to remove him including the possibility of an impeachment using SELCAT.

Khalid appeared in the SELCAT hearing last Tuesday and Wednesday but most of the PKR members, especially Nik Nazmi was focused on nailing Khalid on Azmin Ali’s removal issue than problems within PKNS.

Based on the words of Azmin Ali and Datuk Othman Omar, they probably got Khalid by the balls on that one. However, the members of SELCAT were not serious on the problems within PKNS.  They did not do thorough homework or not interested to go beyond Azmin’s removal.

As far as the PKNS Holding, the Managers were sickeningly out of focus, not thinking and clouded by ego and emotion, especially that Dr Aiman. No wonder they are questions on his background and whether he actually has a Phd.

More on that in another posting.

Now the talked about corporate development.

It relates to Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s younger brother, Tan Sri Danny Tan who seemed to be more in the limelight than Vincent and close with the Pakatan Rakyat state governments.

Asiaone reported the Tropicana founder and executive vice-chairman is a notable newcomer at 16th in the burgeoning billionaire club of Malaysia. Read the article in Malaysia Chronicle here.

It also relates to Khalid’s other favourite corporate group to I Berhad, whih is Eco World. Notice that one can see Eco World development projects everywhere in Selangor.

First, The Star‘s Saturday report commentary: