We are one confused lot, aren’t we?


Mohsin Abdullah, Fz.com

Dear fellow Malaysians,

ADMIT it. We are easily confused.

This is not good for the country. For us, in particular.

But worry we must not. We have guardian angels to save, protect and insulate us from the confusion.

Apparently reading too many newspapers can lead to a worrying state of confusion. This is because newspapers have their dubious strategies to woo readers. (http://www.fz.com/content/permits-rejected-avoid-flooding-sensational-co…).

Meaning, if the two media organisations are allowed to go to print, Malaysians only need to read them and become confused.

Perhaps it was because our brain capacity can’t handle too much sensational and controversial news. (According to a World Bank senior economist, rural Vietnamese students do better than Malaysian students. But our deputy prime minister said our education system is better than the US and Germany. Who do we believe? ‘Aiyah’ confuse, confuse).

Or perhaps we prefer laid back kind of news? You know, “rilek-rilek” (light) news.

Anyway, the government has acted on it for our sake. Yes, for us, easily confused Malaysians. Forget what Datuk Seri Najib Razak said when he assumed the prime ministership in… When was it again – 2003 or 2004? (See how confused I am?). What he said then was “the days when the government knows best are over”. (This one I can remember ‘pulak’).

Perhaps along the way, the PM and his band of merry men had found out what we ‘rakyat’ did not. They knew what we do not know. Perhaps they learned that we the ‘rakyat’ can be confused ‘very easily one’. So they took the initiative to tell us what to do, what to read.

Back to the good old days of the government knows best.

If you are a Muslim, ‘lagi best’ (even better). Some of the words in your religion are copyrighted. Non-Muslims are not allowed to use them. This is important because when others use the words, you, Malaysian Muslims (like yours truly too) get so confused that you can’t tell the difference between Islam and Christianity. Worst still… you might change your religion. ‘Allah’ forbid. So you need to be protected.

Lucky you.

But despite these efforts, there are things that still make us confused.

Take this sad episode of MH370.