‘Kajang win, a step closer to Putrajaya’


The bigger picture is voters’ believe in Wan Azizah to lead and to bring about a big change in the country, says Zuraida Kamaruddin.

Free Malaysia Today

Pakatan Rakyat’s win in the Kajang by-election yesterday will be the first step to Putrajaya and the beginning of a renewed movement to restore justice, said PKR MP Zuraida Kamaruddin.

Zuraida said the Kajang Move had always been about saving Selangor from the threats of Barisan Nasional (BN).

“Malaysians are tired of the incompetency of ministers who always say the wrong things at the wrong time; do the wrong things at the wrong time and make timely disappearances when they are needed most,” she said in a statement today.

“The bigger picture is not only about Wan Azizah Wan Ismail being the state assemblyperson for Kajang but voters’ believe in her to lead and to bring about a big change in our country.

“It is about eliminating cronyism as we are in third place in the world for cronyism just behind Hong Kong and Russia. It is about bringing about transparency to our country and nursing an ailing nation back to health.

“To fight a rooted and powerful system is never easy but with the increasing support of Malaysians who crave for justice, we are not far that from Putrajaya anymore,” said Zuraida, who is also PKR Wanita chief.

She said Reformasi 2.0 had begun and marked the beginning of a renewed movement to restore justice.

As the deputy director in charge of the Kajang by election, Zuraida thanked the Kajang voters for giving a mandate to continue their journey to Putrajaya.

In yesterday’s by-election, PKR candidate Wan Azizah defeated MCA vice-president Chew Mei Fun with a majority of 5,379 votes.

Wan Azizah polled 16,741 votes while Chew received 11,362 votes. There were 176 spoilt votes.

Voter turnout was only 72.1% (28,314 voters) compared with 87.9% in the general election in May last year.