Anwar, how do you sleep at night?


Ex-Convent Girl

So Pakatan supporters are once again crying foul over the recent guilty verdict that will put you behind bars. So they slam the judiciary (once again!) for corrupt practices.

Being the great statesman that you are, instead of pleading for calm, you seize the opportunity to ride on their disdain for the judiciary and Barisan Nasional by instructing them to take to the streets in the name of justice for Anwar Ibrahim, the most self-serving politician in Malaysia’s history. Never mind the ensuing chaos, the potential for violence and injury and the very likelihood of arrests for disobeying the law. As long as you are the centre of attention, why bother about the welfare of the people?

While you can hoodwink the majority of your supporters most of the time, you cannot stop those who know the truth from whispering it angrily to others or shouting it in their blogs or Facebook postings. Because you see, Anwar, those close to you — your political peers, your lawyers, your political adversaries, ex-staff and most of all, the victims of your numerous sexual escapades, whether consensual or forced — know your guilt is real.

What is even more distressing is that you enjoy playing the victim, abusing the people’s trust and shrewdly diverting their attention away from the fact that not too long ago, you were one of the scoundrels in the very same ruling party you so despise today.

Your philosophies are flawed. While you speak of religious tolerance, was it not you who brought down all the crucifixes in convent schools when you were education minister? I am appalled that the Catholic church allowed you the opportunity to speak to their congregation in Kajang to espouse your political views and to stand there as a proponent of religious freedom. That, you are certainly not! Many Catholics have forgotten your past. I, however, have not! Was it also not during your tenure as DPM that you pushed the BTN agenda with great fervour? Now you sing the infamous BTN song in a mocking fashion to the crowds who are amused by you stage antics and gullible enough to give you a second chance at being PM.

During this time of great sadness, frustration and uncertainty regarding the missing MH370, you not once came forth in a show of solidarity, putting your political differences aside, to work with the ruling government to find the missing plane. You not once spoke to the nation as a concerned Malaysian rather than as a disgruntled politician, asking for calm and hope during this period. Instead, you criticised the government for their mishandling of the situation then issued a ridiculous statement that the bomoh’s crocodile slap threat to UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin was UMNO Youth’s karma. Seriously? You’re talking about bomohs and karma during a time of crisis like this while the whole world looks on in shock that the plane is yet to be found?

What is even more ironic is that you yourself rely on the antics and prophecies of shamans, Hindu priests and the odd bomoh or two to see you through your political hurdles. A tad hypocritical then to lambast Barisan Nasional for the bomoh’s unwelcome presence at KLIA, more so since no one from their side has claimed to have invited him in the first place.

However, you are right about karma. If Khairy deserves what is coming to him in the form of a crocodile slap (whatever that may be!) then you more than deserve your five-year stint in prison for your misdeeds, don’t you think?

How do you sleep at night when you know you are guilty of so many unsavoury deeds in your political career? As an open-minded Malaysian, I care not how you live your personal life. Your sexual orientation concerns me not. Neither do your sexual conquests. However, whether I agree or disagree with it, sodomy is a crime in this country. And homosexuality is not recognised. Neither is bisexuality. Corruption, also a no-no. Abuse of power – absolutely wrong. Rigging of internal party polls – totally unconstitutional.

What’s more, your sexual baggage is so alarming it has compromised your effectiveness as a politician because anyone in the know uses it as a weapon of control against you to either buy your silence or to do their bidding. Imagine the havoc in Putrajaya if you ever made it there with your pack of greedy, salivating hounds, biting at your heels as you took your seat as the head of the nation.

How do you live with yourself when this is the man you really are? How do you sleep at night knowing you have failed as a husband, father, friend, politician? You have destroyed countless lives… and you will continue to destroy many more should you ever, God forbid, become PM.

How do you sleep at night when everything you stand for is dripping with thick lashings of debauchery, lies and abuse of power?