PKR targets 60% of Malay votes


(FMT) – PKR said it has captured 45% of the Malay votes and is targeting to hit 60% as the party intensifies its campaign with less than a week to go before the Kajang by-election.

PKR’s Kajang by-election deputy director Zuraida Kamaruddin said out of the more than 39,000 voters, the party had captured 45% of the Malay votes, an increase of 8% since the general election last year.

She also added that the party now had the support of 75% of the Chinese and 55% Indians.

“We will focus on the Malay areas,” said Zuraida Kamaruddin, who is Ampang MP and PKR Wanita chief, at a press conference held at the party’s election machinery headquarters in Sungai Sekamat today.

Zuraida said the party machinery along with Pakatan component members had contacted up to 90% of the voters.

She said 65% of voters supported PKR, 15% Barisan Nasional, 10% undecided and 10% outside voters.

She admitted that the party was having difficulty wooing voters aged 50 and above.

Zuraida said these people were finding it difficult to switch from BN.

“They are like wives in a loveless marriage but do not want to be divorced,” she said.

PAS central information and media relations bureau deputy chairman Muhammad Muhd Taib said BN’s willingness to splurge funds was a stumbling block for Pakatan to reach out to the Malay voters.

“The deputy prime minister (Muhyiddin Yassin) recently announced funds of up to RM80,000 for surau and related development.You have to admit that money talks,” said the former Selangor menteri besar.

However, he said the Malays could not be easily conned just with money.

“They may listen to what you want to say but at times they know more than you do,” he added.

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is facing MCA vice-president Chew Mei Fun in a straight fight on March 23.

The Kajang state seat fell vacant following the resignation of incumbent assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh of PKR on Jan 27. Advanced polling will be held on March 19.

The state seat comprises 39,728 registered voters. In the general election in May, 2013, the seat saw a voter turnout of 87.9% with 541 spoilt votes. It has 48% Malay voters, 41% Chinese, 10% Indians and 1% others.